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J u l i e  H e d g e s  
p l y - s p l i t  b r a i d s



Links to websites


icon Braid Society. The Braid Society website.

Dave Budd. Supplier of gripfids and other handmade tools.

Creative Handicraft. The Kipu Cord Winder. Ideal for making cords for Ply-Split Braiding.

LouiseFrench. Distributor of Julie Hedges Books in USA, Canada and South America, supplier of Gripfids, ply-splitting teacher and artist.

icon Gallery 3, Shrewsbury. Contemporary Art exhibitions.

icon Museum of Carpet, Kidderminster. Archives, exhibitions and craft workshops.

The Old Kennels, Dunkerswell, Devon. Courses in textiles and crafts.

icon Tulsi travel. Interesting textile study tours to India.

icon Barbara J Walker. Ply-Splitting and weaving teacher, writer, artist.

icon Weavershand. A great resource for weavers.

Westhope Craft College, Shropshire Courses in textiles and crafts.